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Common Myths and Misunderstandings about Pandora Internet Radio

August 11, 2008

pandora-logo I love Pandora: I love the stations I have made, how it tunes itself perfectly to my interests, how I can rank songs I like and songs I don’t like, how on Pandora, I have the perfect station that I love listening to; the station that always plays the songs I like.

It didn’t come easy; I have listened to Pandora at least 100 hours (I think), or for a more exact one, I’ve been using Pandora for over a year and a half. But something else is always bugging at my mind.

None of my friends use Pandora, though, no matter how many times I urge them. I didn’t understand this. I looked up the songs they liked, I created stations for them to see if the songs they liked were on it, but still, they don’t use Pandora.

So, hopefully this will make up for the absence of blog posts on chaotic tech. I apologize for not writing on this blog (I’ve been busy working on the transition on my literature blog to a new domain name), and this is probably not enough, but many people don’t understand the real importance of Pandora.

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Productivity: Make a Main Profile Page with Delicious w/ TLD Free

June 23, 2008 is famous for their bookmarking service. But you can use it for something other than bookmarking: a profile page.

The concept is extremely easy to understand. So today I will show you how to make such a main profile page where everyone can visit it and see your different profiles for free with and CO.CC.

When you are done with this productivity project, you will have a address like this: or something like that.

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Some False Advertising

June 23, 2008

I hate false advertising. I really do. I think it is basically duping the customer, tricking the customer out of their money. Although most of the time I am lucky enough to avoid being “the customer”, I knew I would be “the customer” soon enough.

The problem I have concerns the “Vista Capable” sticker on my computer. Supposedly this means that I am able to install Vista without a hitch, even if it is slow afterward. There has been a very large amount of controversy on this before and after Vista was released. Read more…

Review: Dell Refurbished Adapter

June 19, 2008

A few days ago, my trusty four-year-old laptop unexpectedly gave out on me and wouldn’t charge from my only AC adapter. The power drained to 79% before I desperately turned it off, fearing a dead computer forever.

Thankfully, I had a not-so-happy session with Dell’s technical support, and it ended up with me buying a totally expensive AC adapter for $40 dollars— refurbished.

Well, a few days later (today), the package has arrived, and I have promised readers to offer a review on how the refurbished adapter does.

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Technical Support with Dell

June 16, 2008

Is Dell’s technical support so amazing? I think not. Here’s how a chat session with them turned out.

Here’s just a quick summary: I took my computer to my friend’s house. When I plugged it in, a system message saying “Your AC Power Adapter type can not be determined.” came up. I did not change the adapter. When I brought the computer back home, the message persists, and the system refuses to start without the battery. Read more…

Iterasi: A New Bookmarking Service

June 12, 2008

Life has been putting me through much work and I sincerily apologize for not being able to post on chaotic tech for very much recently. I would like to make up for the mistakes by posting something I have never done before on chaotic tech: a screencast.

Yes, you heard right. A screencast. It’s going to be on Iterasi, which is a new social bookmarking service focusing on notes and the page that you saw, not the page it is right now, doing that by way of captures and image screenshots, which you will see I have talked about in my 2-minute long screencast.

Without further ado, please continue reading after the jump to see my first shot at a screencast.

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One Gmail Account to Rule Them All: How to Have MORE Than Five Accounts in Google’s Mail Fetcher

May 12, 2008

Google’s Mail Fetcher allows you to receive and send mail from other POP-enabled accounts. It does this by checking that account once every hour. You can navigate to it by visiting your Gmail account > Settings > Accounts.

There is a maximum to this, however. Google will not check your 25 thousand email addresses every hour. This is too much of server strain. So they figure, let’s just give each person five!

Any web-crazed person knows this isn’t enough. I probably have more than 30 accounts from more than 20 providers, including Gmail to Hotmail to The point is, achieving Simple Inbox (all your email in one place and Inbox Zero together) isn’t possible anymore.

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