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How To Process 15+ Feeds in 10 Minutes

March 25, 2009

Every single day, I sit down and I read 15 blog feeds, ranging from Engadget to Lifehacker to Zen Habits. I get around 150 posts in every single day.

For most people, this can drive them nuts. Yet I can comfortably read all of them, stay up to date in the technological world, and maybe delve into a few of the articles I find really interesting.

And I do this all in 10 minutes. Here’s how I do it.

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Windows 7 Roundup

January 20, 2009


Windows 7 is currently under beta, and I recently gave it a go on a virtual environment on my computer. Here’s a quick roundup of Windows 7 so far.

First of all, chaotic tech has a screencast on Windows 7, actually, found in the screencast section. I encourage you to take a look. I do a visual demonstration of much new stuff.

In this article, I’m writing about new things from Windows 7. These are in no particular order.

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Michael Bayard and Belkin: What’s the Big Deal

January 20, 2009

If you’ve been reading large blogs like Engadget lately, you probably noticed that they are doing a lot of coverage on Belkin, Michael Bayard, and Amazon.

Basically, for those of you that haven’t been reading it, the whole hype is this: a Belkin employee (Michael Bayard) recently went on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk system and told people that he would pay them 65 cents per positive review.

He also told prospective fake-writers to down-rate any reviews that said that the product was bad. Now, here’s the thing: this product (a router) has a long history of bad performance. So Bayard was basically destroying the honesty of Amazon reviews.

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new screencast section for chaotic tech

January 19, 2009

I’m introducing a new section for chaotic tech today. It’s the screencast section.

Screencasts are like little screenshot videos that demo something on a computer. Therefore, this new section will have videos I have recorded there for everyone to watch.

To visit the section, simply click on the “Video” page on the page navigation. For you feed readers out there, I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but you’ll have to step out of your reader to visit it.

To start off, I’ve got four screencasts already up, and the list is growing. I make new screencasts whenever I have time. So far, you can check out Windows 7, BumpTop, how to set up remote access, and more videos at the convenient page.

Thanks for reading chaotic tech, and I hope you will enjoy the new section.

Sleekify: Invisible Icons

December 27, 2008


Introducing sleekify. A computing experience where you and your computer are both elegant and beautiful; modern and simple. No more hideous junk, but pure design. That is the power of sleekify.

Today I introduce a multi-part series in how to beautify, simplify, and amazify (that isn’t even a word) your computer. I am a minimalist person, and this guide will show you how you can blend beauty with function.

This guide was written on and made for Windows. If you are running a Mac, unfortunately I cannot help you. Most people using Macs think they are sleek enough already… 😀

Many of the tips I use can only be found / used on Windows Vista. If that is the case, you can just skip the tip.

But no more of the jabber and junk. It’s time to sleekify.

In this episode: Invisible Icons

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2000x your Current Torrent Speed: How to Speed up Torrents

November 22, 2008

Note: This guide is not only for uTorrent, as you most certainly can apply it to use in other BitTorrent clients. This guide, however, is written primarily for uTorrent.

If you are new to the torrent world, you may soon realize that all your dreams of sharing files and living life the P2P way fail once you look at the speed of your downloads: 0.3 KBps.

For me, when I saw that, I was ready to dump torrents. Why would one want to use it when there were so many other ways to download? Clicking on an .exe file, downloading it, even through Internet Explorer, was way faster!

But now, if you were like me, you need not suffer anymore. With these tricks, you’ll soon be cruising along at half a megabyte per second no sweat! Read more…

My Experiences with Vista, part 1

September 24, 2008

Vista logo

Special Feature: The other weekend, I decided to embark on a project which I had annoyingly titled Project Reinstall (to the eternal annoyance of my parents), where I would be formatting, reinstalling, and setting up some of the computers I have.

In our home, we have four operational computers, and three that have parts stolen from them. Three of them are in the computer room upstairs, where the router is situated.

Inside that room, we have a Powerspec 7114 running as my main system (with upgraded graphic card), a Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop with 712 MB memory, running XP, and an old Gateway system we bought at an auction for $50 dollars. It runs Windows 2000.

The fourth computer is downstairs in the master bedroom, which we have hooked up to the Internet by a Linksys PowerLine Internet system that guarantees slow Internet speed.

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