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Common Myths and Misunderstandings about Pandora Internet Radio

August 11, 2008

pandora-logo I love Pandora: I love the stations I have made, how it tunes itself perfectly to my interests, how I can rank songs I like and songs I don’t like, how on Pandora, I have the perfect station that I love listening to; the station that always plays the songs I like.

It didn’t come easy; I have listened to Pandora at least 100 hours (I think), or for a more exact one, I’ve been using Pandora for over a year and a half. But something else is always bugging at my mind.

None of my friends use Pandora, though, no matter how many times I urge them. I didn’t understand this. I looked up the songs they liked, I created stations for them to see if the songs they liked were on it, but still, they don’t use Pandora.

So, hopefully this will make up for the absence of blog posts on chaotic tech. I apologize for not writing on this blog (I’ve been busy working on the transition on my literature blog to a new domain name), and this is probably not enough, but many people don’t understand the real importance of Pandora.

Pandora is not an on-demand player.

Pandora is not an on-demand player, where the song you type in doesn’t churn out immediately. It does not do that; instead, it analyzes the song and plays songs like it, similar to a radio station. When you turn on the radio in the car, it does not play the exact song you are requesting, but depending on the station you have selected, songs in the general genre.

But Pandora goes beyond that. It allows you to select which songs you like and don’t like, and it remembers, and tones the station to your style. In this way, you can create a personal station much much more tailored to your interests than a station on the radio.


Pandora is not limited to the web browser.

Pandora can be controlled through third party applications, or Pandora’s own desktop application, which I do not use because it crashes my computer and is basically a browser window when open. Personally, I recommend OpenPandora because of it’s support for multimedia keys and customizability.


Pandora does not let you skip songs indefinitely.

Knowledgeable to most users, Pandora lets you skip songs, but not indefinitely. Keep on skipping and you’ll find a pop-up telling you it can’t keep skipping.

This is reasonable; Pandora has contracts with music writers and they can’t let people skip indefinitely or else they wouldn’t make any money.


Pandora is powered by the Music Genome Project.

This is technically not a mis-understanding or a myth, Pandora is powered by the Music Genome Project, a huge collection of songs I can’t even find on Amazon MP3. It’s worth knowing, therefore, that all the songs you can think of are probably in the Music Genome Project.


I hope this clears up any confusions. I link to this page whenever my friends say anything about Pandora, especially pertaining to the first one. I hope you will find this page useful. Thank you.

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  1. September 9, 2008 7:16 pm

    hey brad,

    i tried to contact you through after reading this post but the contact form wouldn’t load on firefox or safari, both on a mac.

    anyway, i run an independent music website called you seem into music so i thought i’d let you know about it. we describe ourselves as ‘The Democratic Music Revolution’ as we are trying to take the power from the mainstream media and give it to the fans. it works by bands submitting their music and our community of listeners voting it up or down.

    you can read more about how it works at or why we are doing it at

    let me know what you think as your opinion would be appreciated,

  2. Christian Walters permalink
    May 30, 2009 4:16 pm

    I read this post and I was still wanting to know why it won’t let me skip songs when i havn’t even entered the station.

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