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Productivity: Make a Main Profile Page with Delicious w/ TLD Free

June 23, 2008 is famous for their bookmarking service. But you can use it for something other than bookmarking: a profile page.

The concept is extremely easy to understand. So today I will show you how to make such a main profile page where everyone can visit it and see your different profiles for free with and CO.CC.

When you are done with this productivity project, you will have a address like this: or something like that.

1. Find all your profile pages.
This isn’t the hardest thing to do: simply visit all your social networks, game profiles, and anywhere you probably want people to visit, and copy it all into Notepad.



2. Bookmark them all.
Now take that enormous Notepad file (or smaller one, depending on your social-ness) and bookmark each and every one with the tag profile, or whatever one you like. In the description, type your username followed by something interesting, like “I am a level 56 in this game” or something.



3. Register at CO.CC.
Now we’re going to go for our free TLD. Well, kind of. You see, CO.CC is the top-level domain, and your address is going to be which is actually a sub-domain, but it seems like a top-level. Be sure to pick something that says “for Free” under it because CO.CC charges money for really good… subdomains.



4. Login to CO.CC and point it to your profile page. 
This is the more easy part. Login to your account and go to your domain. Click on “SETUP” and then click on “3: URL Forwarding”. Now make it redirect to your profile page. Come up with an ingenious title and set it to “URL Hiding” (you can also have it just redirect).



5. Admire your work.
Take a look at your work by going to your new site.

If you liked this tutorial on productivity and you would recommend it to others, please bookmark it on or Digg so other people can use it. Also, did you notice that my tag was “comic”? 😀

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