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3 Super Tips

April 24, 2008

This is going to be short. That is why you need to read these three super tips. These three tips, in use at time of writing, are the things you need to be super. 🙂

1. Super Folder is your My Documents

What is a super folder? Well, it’s something I made up, really. A lot of people keep all their stuff in a big folder. I, for example, have a big “Brad” folder where everything is stored: my literature, my writing, and everything.

Set it as your My Documents folder via Tweak UI or something like that. Now, hopefully you have organized it into folders. If you have, than enable the “My Documents” folder on your start menu.

Convenience galore!


2. Online Life

If you ever wanted to have a life free of the worries of your hard drive dying on you, here’s something to ponder: get Syncplicity. Syncplicity, something I have been using for the last few weeks and plan to write about on, allows you to sync your files to their servers.

My favorite feature, however, (aside from unlimited storage), is the fact that by typing in your Google Docs user / pass (they only keep a auth. token), you can write on Google Docs and have it available instantly on your computer, and vice versa. Cool, huh?

Note that Syncplicity is still in beta at time of writing.


3. Sheet of Identities

I’ve printed out a sheet of identities and pinned them on my wall. Going to a free identity generator website is not hart. Generate a few identities, and keep the name, address, phone, mother’s maiden, birth, and make up a pet name.

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