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Game: Phosphor

April 19, 2008


There is an amazing game that I just saw today, and it’s called Phosphor.

Our family was having a little party so I just decided to take a look at this after a relative pointed it out. All I can say is… wow.

Phosphor is a first-person-shooter. It’s not unlike Halo or anything of the sort, but there’s only the deathmatch mode, which is basically kill all. I know, kinda scary.

Continue reading for my in-depth review of this game.

From the moment you set eyes on this thing, it gives you a menu. Hit the begin button, and you’ll find yourself in a randomly-chosen area of the game map with a somewhat, but not, random gun. This is usually a machine, sniper, or pulse gun (which are the only guns I’ve discovered so far).

The objective is to play against bots, eliminating them all. It’s quite interesting, but it got my heart thumping after a few minutes, so I stopped playing after five minutes to rest.

Because I love lists, here’s a list of the pros and cons about Phosphor.

Pro – Graphics: This is virtually at least a Playstation 1 or maybe higher graphic quality, something you’d expect from Halo, and a little less. It’s amazing what the author managed to make with this game. Everything looks pretty detailed.

The entire game is online, with no downloads, except for maybe Adobe Shockwave, so the only comparable quality would be RuneScape, a mass-multiplayer game.

Pro – Multiplayer: You are allowed to set up multiplayer systems so you can play with your buddies. Biult-in chat is available (hit Enter and type) and you enter the IPs. A link on the bottom of the page explains everything. However…

CON – Confusing Multiplayer: …the multiplayer setup was confusing, using terms like “SERVER” and “CLIENT”. How about “hoster” and “player”, with a bit of biult-in explaining, instead of me going to a seperate page to read about it?

Multiplayer is easiest to set up when everyone is under the same IP address, as in a single home or single office. When IPs are different, you will have to create a server on the game, and things like that complicate the already complicated process.

CON – One Map: There is only one map in the game. It gets pretty old after you play it for a little bit of time, knowing everything. The single map, however, is…

Pro – Interesting One Map: …very interesting, featuring rock formations, a sniper point, and a whole network of underground tunnels, as well as lots more. Having one map is not that bad, considering you can always raise the hardness of the game. That, of course, brings me to my next point, which is…

CON – Default Extreme Mode: …the fact that the game defaults the level of difficulty to the highest difficulty. For newbies at games like me, it is difficult enought to grasp the concept without having to worry that 3 extremely strong and difficult bots are trying to kill me.

All in all, it is a pretty game. It’s a great idea when your friends are all over at your house, extremely bored. Here’s a note, however, the game only works on Windows XP (for you Mac people, maybe. Not tested.) The games site says it doesn’t work with Windows Vista, and I tried it with Windows 2000, and the Shockwave system crashed it.

Maybe not upgrading to Windows Vista did you some good! And if you already upgraded, then you still have other games that work!


Phosphor BETA 2

(online computer game)

85 / 100: GREAT

I love Phosphor and the graphics engine and would have given it a 90 to 95 percent rating if there weren’t little kinks. However, this is a beta game, so you can’t expect everything from it.

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  1. Back Buffer permalink
    May 6, 2008 1:44 pm

    Nice review. and I believe you have already heightened your skill level since last weekend. do you? ;o)

    I googled the game you mentioned me before: World of Padman, it’s interesting.

    And I also found another cool title: Team Fortress 2. here’s some video you may enjoy:

    So, let’s prepare ourselves and try these two next time.

  2. x5x_tim permalink
    September 2, 2008 11:30 am

    Hi, I run Vista on my machine.
    I can play phosphor just fine.
    just pointing that out 😉

  3. September 11, 2008 8:33 pm

    Yes, I realized that when I played it on my Vista machine. I hope the site with the game is updated.


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