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WordPress 2.5 Color Schemes?

April 5, 2008

WordPress 2.5 introduces a new color scheme to us, and they call it “Fresh.”

Fresh is supposed to be fresh, as in different from previous versions of WordPress. You are able to create new color schemes, according to a developer, through plugins.

Unfortunately for us who are on, we are forced to live with one of the colors: the Fresh one.

Or are we?

This may seem pretty obvious, but click on your username in the corner, and scroll down to where it says Admin Color Scheme.

You are presented with two colors. Upon selecting them, this is what you will see. (screen shots below)

The fresh dashboard.

( ^ ABOVE ^ ) The fresh design of the dashboard.

The classic dashboard... colors

( ^ ABOVE ^ ) The classic design of the dashboard.


To the darker blue among us, the second one doesn’t look that bad, does it?

So which one do you like better? I think (personally) that the second one reminds me too much of 2.3 and below. 2.5 is somewhat like a new beginning for WordPress.

What do you think? Rant in the comments as usual, and don’t forget to Digg or this so other people can customize their dashboards, too.

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