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Capzles: A Online Storyline App

March 26, 2008


FEATURE: There’s a new-fangled little dingbat called Capzles that aims to change the way you make albums.

chaotic tech is going to be one of the first blogs to review this currently private-beta service, and I’m going to give it to you first in a one-paragraph version that you can skim through, and then I’m going to give you the more detailed version.

Hit the jump to read.

Basically: It’s an online storyline application that allows you to customize the background, effects, looks, and music. You insert pictures, text objects, and all sorts into it, which generate little thumbnails that can be individually clicked and commented on. The entire thing is put into a nutshell and is mixed into its own little social networking service.

Details: I’m going to go over the process to make a Capzle, because that’s what I think you’ll do the most.

Capzles lets you type in a title (with all sorts of fonts that I’ve never heard of), with customizable colors and little effects like glow.

image You then add categories and tags so that it is put into its social networking service. The categories are pre-defined, but the tags are not.

Next, you will need to add your content. You can basically upload any “media file”. That’s movies, music, pictures, and all sorts.

There are two things that you can do here: you can add them individually and make each “media file” (it sounds funny on my tongue) its own thumbnail, or you can add them into a stack.

A stack lets you put multiple files on a single thumbnail.

The third option is to blog directly into your timeline. So you could actually make a visual blog on Capzles.

Next, you design your Capzle, you can add background images of your own, or you can pick some of the service’s animated backgrounds. You can also pick a color, but that’s just too plain.

The last step is adding background music, which is not a required step (as far as I know). You can upload your own music, make a playlist, make it loop, and do all sorts of cool things.

And your end product might (but I hope not) look like this, which I made in half a minute:


Here, my mouse is hovering over a graphic I inserted. To the next of it is the “blog post”.

There are many things I can think of doing with Capzles. Maintaining a media blog, not totally unlike from Tumblr, for example, is an option.

I would tell you to check it out, but unfortunately, it is still in private beta. Capzles has promised to let referrals take place soon, so you just might get a invite.

(As press, I’m not giving away invites.)

Well, if you liked this overview of Capzles, then please Digg or Delicious it. I would like that very much.


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