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FEATURED: 33 Freebies to Install!

March 14, 2008


FEATURED ARTICLE: Are you formatting your computer anytime soon? Already formatted? Well, I formatted my copy of Windows XP because my computer was slugging around. When I was done, I realized that a lot of people could use a list of stuff to install.

So here’s my list of stuff that I think are cool. Feel free to nick the ones you know you won’t be needing. I’ve tried all of them, and I can say that they work great, but I can’t give any promises.

Check them out after the jump.

The List of Things to Install

This list is separated into two parts: the first part is ordered, and the second free-form.

  1. BitDefender 10 Antivirus Plus, because its cheap (30 dollars for two computers and two years) and good. Not exactly free…
  2. OpenOffice, for my computing needs; typing, whatever.
  3. Windows Live Writer, so I can blog. I set up my main blog, tech blog, and everything.
  4. PSPad Editor, so I can code. This is freeware, and I love it.
  5. OpenPandora, so I can listen to Pandora, the free web streaming radio service. I don’t exactly like Last.FM, but this lets me listen from my desktop.
  6. Tweak UI, so I can change my computer settings in a central control panel.
  7. Foxit Reader, so I can open PDFs faster than I would using Adobe Reader.
  8. Filezilla, so I can manage my website with a FTP client.
  9. Mozilla Firefox, for my browsing needs.
  10. Plugin: Download Statusbar, so I can view my downloads in a nifty bar.
  11. Plugin: IE Tab, so I can open websites that require IE straight in Firefox.
  12. Plugin: Personal Menu, so I can get rid of the space-taking menu bar and replace it with a button. It gives you a minimalist look, too.
  13. Plugin: Tab Mix Plus, since I really need this thing to organize my tab bar.
  14. Plugin: McAfee SiteAdvisor, because this will help you surf safely.
  15. Plugin:, (BONUS) This isn’t really a really need-to-have thing, but it can be useful.
  16. Audacity, because if you are a serious audio person, you need this.
  17. GIMP, because if you are a serious photographer or graphic artist who doesn’t want to spend money on Photoshop, you need this.
  18. Vista Screensavers, because this is eye candy, and because you know you want eye candy. 😉
  19. Windows Media Player Visualizations, because this was made by a trustable Microsoft employee, and because the visualizations bundled are lame. Compared to these. They look like Vista, but they’re not in Vista! 😀
  20. Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, because IE 6 was lame, and IE 7 is better, but Firefox is still best.
  21. 7-Zip, because you need to open things.
  22. PDFCreator, so you can create your own PDFs from anything just by printing.
  23. Google PinYin, because if you are Chinese, this will save your life.
  24. Copernic Desktop Search, because this is better than Google Desktop.
  25. McAfee SiteAdvisor, (BONUS), and yes again because this is available for IE as well, and deserves a second mention.
  26. LogMeIn, because you might want to remote-access your home computer from anywhere. Uses a browser, so no downloads required! You’ll still have to install it on the computer that is accessed, but its free, and has loads of security features.
  27. AbiWord, because if you don’t want the loaded OpenOffice, try this light-weight word processor.
  28. Mozilla Thunderbird, because for desktop email, this offers tight security by using the Firefox (Gecko) rendering engine!
  29. Staganos LockNote, so you can hide your diary on your computer. Not literally.
  30. Google Earth, because you know you want to zoom on your house.
  31. Stellarium, because you can gaze up at the sky, and you want to know what that bright dot is.
  32. WordWeb, so you can pounce on words in any application, press the hotkey, and know what it is.
  33. Windows Defender, because it’s made by Microsoft and because it works, although not as well as the costly alternatives. If you got BitDefender, you won’t need to worry about this.

Well, I hope you liked my list. Feel free to chime in with the comments, and I’ll add your suggestions if they’re good! Please please please Digg it if you like it!

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  1. March 31, 2008 2:22 am

    nice lists bro…permission for trackback..tks

  2. April 2, 2008 6:46 am

    Some of these are why I miss using Windows. I wouldn’t go back though..

  3. April 4, 2008 6:43 pm

    I have used very softwares of this list. I recomend strongly.



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