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Why Microsoft Silverlight Will NOT be a Winner

March 11, 2008

silverlight We all know about Adobe Flash. We know about Shockwave. Why? They are well established.

But here’s a new competitor coming to squeeze its own neck in: it’s Microsoft!

Once again, Microsoft is trying to enter a field that almost holds no promise for it. How? By creating Silverlight.

I’ve reviewed Tafiti in the past, but here’s a new look at Silverlight itself.

When it came out, everyone started laughing, but not me. Silverlight won’t fail.


The answer is simple. With Microsoft holding a huge portion of the computer industry, if it ordered all new copies of Windows to be sold with Silverlight, and for Silverlight to be installed through Windows Update automatically, nearly all the computers running Windows would have it.

Unlike Adobe and its mass of weapons, Microsoft has the key weapon: the OS. When software-makers and website-makers come, they will see that Silverlight has taken such a big portion of the industry.

Because it is installed on all computers.

I will not drawl on about it, but lets take a look at it.

Upon visiting the Silverlight website, it prompted me to “Download Silverlight to see the gallery.”


What kind of marketing is that? Get it first and then we’ll tell you what it can do? If that kind of marketing succeeded, then Walmart would just cover everything up, telling you to “buy first”. They could sell bananas at thousands of dollars!

So there’s a losing strategy.

So NBC just signed a deal with Microsoft. Thats nice. That adds to the small list in the gallery of websites that support Silverlight.

Compared with the millions supporting Adobe Flash?

I don’t think I’ll be getting Silverlight anytime soon.

Of course supports Silverlight. It almost makes you download it. But when the homepage prompts you to download Silverlight to experience the home page, all you get is eye candy.

Yeah, I’m sure I want fading scrollbars and flashy menus when I’m trying to get my computer updated.

I won’t say anymore, but Microsoft? If you’re reading this, please please stand out somewhere. Make it special. Your Zune was horrible, but at least there was a wifi. That was your key marketing strategy, although not very well, at only 3 plays in three days.

*sigh* I half hope that Microsoft should just forget about this and concentrate on making a good browser, but half hope that Microsoft should try harder.

What do you think? Hoot with me in the comments.

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  1. James permalink
    March 11, 2008 3:14 pm

    Silverlight is going to be used to broadcasting the 2008 Olympics live. It will also have features like Picture in Picture, Pause, and Rewind for live video. It has a good chance of becoming a huge competitor to flash/flex. Plus it already has the gaining momentum of 1.5 million downloads a day.

  2. March 11, 2008 5:38 pm

    @james (1): Yes, thats what I meant by the NBC thing. Those features could be made into Adobe Flash, and you are right: it does have a great chance.

    It’s getting momentum of that, sure, but mostly because Microsoft is forcing it so hard. There’s got to be at least 1.5 million visits to… its the 4th most visited site on the Net!

    When Microsoft pushes something, it’s likely to succeed, its just not always the best solution. I really don’t need another little dingbat sitting in my computer all day.

  3. Ronaldua permalink
    March 24, 2008 12:10 pm

    thats it, guy

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