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Three Killer Tips on Surfing The Web Safely

February 13, 2008

This tipster will be about how to surf the Internet safely.

I am not saying you are dumb. I am not saying you are stupid. I am well aware that there are billions of these kinds of tips on the Internet, but this is from my experience. It is what I have tried, used, and still use as I am writing this.

This is going to be a nice little writing, so I hope you like it. Please Digg it if you do. I will appreciate it very much.

I won’t dilly-dally more with this useless beginning, for you are probably anxious to actually see the list. In that case, please continue reading. Here is my list:

1. Please Don’t Use Internet Explorer

The Problem:

I was having a Chinese New Year’s party the other day, and there were a bunch of kids who were playing. Some of them were big, some of them were small. They all reached for Internet Explorer.

I quickly jumped for the close button as fast as my reflexes would go, and the kids all looked at me strangely, like I had just slapped them and they were speechless.

Then I explained about Internet Explorer, its risks, and everything. I told them about my favorite example: the bug fixing. In March 2007, it was noted that there were 46 unfixed security breaches in Internet Explorer, but only 8 for Mozilla Firefox. Those eight from Firefox were fixed in the next week.

The numbers are not correct. I made them up, because my Internet is down right now, but that isn’t the point. The point is that Internet Explorer isn’t very safe.

The Fix?

I don’t really care what browser you use, just make sure it isn’t Internet Explorer. Basically, I am not picking on Internet Explorer, but it is the most widely used browser on the market right now, which makes it a prime target for hackers all over the world.

I currently use Mozilla Firefox, and this was by hand-testing each of the browsers. I finally determined that :

1) Mozilla Firefox isn’t the best of the bunch, as it is the 2nd most used browser on the market, but…
2) Firefox is open-source and it has a well-supported community.
3) It has great addons and themes, so if you are a eye-candy freak, you will love it.

Opera, Safari, and all the other ones are good; I will never say a browser is bad. One thing is for sure, however: use your own judgement.

2. Use A Proxy

The Problem?

Most of you know what a IP is. If you don’t, it is basically a Internet Address that tells everyone where your browser “lives”. However, this information can be quite amazing.

One quick little run through WhatIsMyIPAddress reveals that IPs can pinpoint your location to an accuracy of 10 miles or less! This is quite scary.

The Fix?

You should probably use a good proxy. Visit many proxy sites, determine if they look well. Normally, try to find one that doesn’t look like the others. We all know that those are based off of open-source proxy software. Find one that has a lot of users using it. Those are the ones you want.

3. Don’t Use A Proxy

The Problem?

I know, I know. Brad, you just said to use a proxy! And now you tell us to NOT use a proxy?

Not really. Here’s why.

A lot of those proxies on the Internet are no namers. Those aren’t bad things, but you really should try to find the ones that are bigger companies. A lot of people get scammed when they think using a proxy is going to be so safe when the proxy owner himself scammed the user!

This is not a very good title. I know. Bear with me, but basically just don’t use proxies that aren’t very good. This is why websites have their own proxy stashed away. Copies of phpProxy. Copies of them, I say. Hmm.

The Fix?

Not much here. Use a good proxy.


Well, that pretty much rounds up my killer tips. You might have heard about them, but I tried to add a new twist to them.

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