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Why I Don’t Want Microsoft Buying Yahoo!

February 10, 2008

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Some history first: Microsoft said they were going to buy Yahoo! for 44 billion a week ago, and their stock plummeted while Yahoo!’s flew up. Yahoo! didn’t accept, so Microsoft might raise it to 50 billion, which will cause their stock to go down even more.

I’m going to tell you why I’m leaving some of my favorite services if Microsoft buys Yahoo!


1. One Unified ID? NOO!

I really don’t like services like Yahoo! ID or Passport. One exception is OpenID, and that’s because I don’t want one specific software giant to know everything about me. Google knows enough about me already, and I don’t need that complicated.

With Microsoft holding Yahoo! in its arms, it will know even more about me, including pictures I take (Flickr), websites I like (Delicious), email (Mail), and more. Which brings me to the next topic, which is…


2. Flickr with a Passport?

What do you think I am, Microsoft? Sure, you lured everyone into your Windows-trap, but that doesn’t mean you can take control of all my photography, or merge it into your stupid Live Gallery or something. So stop right now, and let go of my photography.

One thing that bothers me though, is the fact that there is no good alternative. Picasa Online Albums is, well, giving Google even more power over me, and besides, it has a messy interface.

Any alternatives, my readers?


3. with a Passport? Good Thing there’s a Alternative

And a good alternative, at that. has been famous for it’s snow-white interface that keeps all the other services black and blue. It’s simple design and colors will always keep me loving it.

Now imagine Microsoft coming. Ho, ho, ho. EW! What’s that blasted white doing? Lets paint it red and blue!

Uh, huh.

Good thing there’s Diigo, even if the interface isn’t the most awesome. It has more features too, so HA, Microsoft.


4. You’re Wasting your Money, Microsoft!

That’s right. You and your services. They practically all overlap. Lets give a few examples:

Yahoo Search = Live Search

Yahoo Mail = Hotmail

Yahoo Answers = Live QaA.

The list goes on, and you can see the rest of it here. But the point here is that practically all of your services are the same. You should just acquire the ones that don’t overlap. Saves some money, too.


5. At Least Keep Them Separate

Do like Yahoo! did when they first acquired Keep them separate, at least for a while. Yahoo! is Yahoo! and Live is Live. Please don’t make it so that we have something lame like Livr. ‘Cause I won’t like that.


If you liked my list, please Digg it, as it took me a while to compile it.

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  1. February 19, 2008 2:18 pm

    Good Job! I really like all of the thoughts that you came up with. First of all, I think that Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo! don’t really “know” anything about you. Your data is stored on their servers but that is just so others on the web can see it, it doesn’t matter to them. Next, I doubt Microsoft will merge any products together. Microsoft will probably just migrate its Live Photo Gallery’s Data onto the better one (Flickr). Also, I have to disagree on that Picasa’s Online Service is “messy” I actually like it a lot and I use it for my photos. I agree that Microsoft should keep Yahoo! and Live separate, I don’t see a reason to combine them anyway. Remember to look at my blog at:

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