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TypeRoom: A High-Res Visual Tour of its Beta

January 24, 2008

Typeroom, the online website editing application, went crazy on about a month ago. In response, Typeroom sent us a special press link to test out their system! So here’s what we have to say: a visual tour. And a high-resolution one at that!

First off, without any visualness yet, I have to say that Typeroom is amazing. First look, and I knew it was perfect.

Once you login, here’s what you see:


Now, to edit your website in TypeRoom, all you do is type in the address. As you can see, I’m using chaotic tech as the example.

Hit go, and after you click through a brief welcome screen, you finally get your webpage:

TypeRoom 2

This is the page you see. At this step, however, you can browse to the actual page you would like to edit. So if I were to be editing the TypeRoom Lite: Early Review notice (by the time you read this, it will be taken down), then I would click it. All links work at this stage.

Once you arrive at the page you want to edit, click the “Edit THIS Page” button at the top.

Now, you can mouse over each div, each section of the page, and you can see a small orange box show up as you mouse over them:

Typeroom 3

When you want to edit a specific section, hit the square, and then popping up from the bottom is a split screen. Your browser has now been split, and the bottom is the text box where you can edit and modify the area with a rich editor, and the top is your page.

TypeRoom 4

From here, you can insert images, insert files, bold, italicize, underline, and do most modifications you would like. The most awesome part is that the top is live preview, and whatever you do on the bottom gets live on the top!

This is possibly the most cool feature.

Now, we are done editing the page, but what do we do with it? Go to the very top of the page, and click on the Publish this page dialog. There are three options that come up:

Typeroom 5

If you can’t see the picture, the options are “Instant Publish (FTP)”, “Email”, and “Download”. I will explain what these are.

Instant Publish: Supply the FTP user name and password, and Typeroom automatically backups the original page onto its servers, and the new one is uploaded directly to your website. In the future, this might cost you.

Email: In email, you supply the email so you can send it to your webmaster so that he or she can publish these changes, or you can give it to others for preview. This does not do anything to your site.

Download: This is probably (hopefully) self-explanatory, but you download the modified website in a compressed folder, along with any files you added while editing.

All in all, Typeroom is such an awesome feature, and I can’t wait until it’s out of beta! And if you thought my tutorial wasn’t good enough, here’s a Youtube video on it:

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