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K2 New Years Header

December 30, 2007

The day after tomorrow will most definitely be New Years day: January the 1st. To celebrate, I’ve made everyone a New Years header for K2ers. Yes, I am also a K2er.

If you don’t use K2, then you’ll be glad to know that this can be Photo-shopped to your liking.

Here’s what it looks like:


Clicking the image will open it to the regular K2 size (780 x 200).

I got the image from this web page and I am glad to tell you it is public domain, so feel free to use it, even commercially.

The darkened spot at the bottom is for the navigational bar.

Add this to your CSS template if you want it to display December 29th through January 7th. If you don’t, then modify and edit to your liking:

/* New Years header */
body.m12.d29 #page #header,
body.m12.d30 #page #header,
body.m12.d31 #page #header,
body.m01.d01 #page #header,
body.m01.d02 #page #header,
body.m01.d03 #page #header,
body.m01.d04 #page #header,
body.m01.d05 #page #header,
body.m01.d06 #page #header,
body.m01.d07 #page #header {
background: url('images/newyears.jpg');

Happy New Year!

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