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Website Review: Viewbook

December 13, 2007

Viewbook is an online portfolio service that is currently in beta. It gives plenty of good features.

Viewbook is really for professional artists or designers who need portfolios that can showcase their work.

To tell the truth, however, Viewbook is beautiful. Why? Simplicity.

Thats right. Pure simplicity makes it stand out from the other portfolio providers that decorate your clean profile with ads, background images, and all that “good stuff”.

Viewbook doesn’t give you that. It gives you a clean slate, perfect for showing your work.

At first sight, I asked myself, “why do I want this?” But the answers became immediate. The beauty.

Since it is currently in beta, getting a good username like “john” or “henry” isn’t hard. The URL is

Signing up is very simple, but the whole time, I was asking myself, Will this service eventually charge me? The answer is probably yes, since it has NO ads at all.

Once you do get an account, the image uploading service is terrific. Select your files with a traditional file selector, and then hit Upload. In seconds, your photos are up.

There are things that Viewbook calls “presentations”. For Flickr people, thats “sets”, for they pretty much mean the same thing. Also, Viewbook calls “sidebar widgets” (for WordPress people), “pages”. I thought that “pages” was “presentations” at first.

The examples to the right is a presentation. As you can see, thats it. So beautifully simple.

Viewbook = awesome. Thats right. It is so amazingly cool, the homeless would use it!

If you are homeless, that wasn’t an insult.

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  1. April 11, 2008 8:21 am

    I totally agree, can’t wait for the new version! It’s supposed to be out ‘soonish’..

  2. April 16, 2008 7:54 am

    i found this review really usefull as i was not too sure about the site and if anyone else was actually using it, since it isnt a networking site there is no way to see who is actually also on the site. thankyou and keep reviewing. rock on!

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