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A Credit Card Idea

December 2, 2007

Maybe you already read An Idea in chat form on my Tumblrlog. In case you don’t want to, I’ll explain it here in a more simplified form.

My idea is for some kind of web service to come onto the internet and offer free credit card numbers. Only numbers, no cards. It’s not illegal either. There is no money on the accounts, and it is fully managed by the web startup.

Lets say you write an e-book. Now you’ve published it and someone wants to buy it for $15. You get 5 dollars, the e-book company gets ten. But where does the five dollars go?

AHA! It gets deposited onto your credit card account by the web startup. Now you’ve got five bucks on that account.

Now lets say you want to buy something on eBay. No worries! Just simply type in the credit card number and (assuming the item is less than five dollars) now the item is mailed to you.

This entire process is done without the web startup even knowing your address! Its total privacy!

If some reader comes across this and decides to start a web startup, please tell me. I’d really appreciate it.

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