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Website Review :

November 7, 2007

Meet, a site that lets you store pretty much all your junk in one spot!

The service is very neat, though, as badly as I made it sound. It is extremely easy to create a new drop: just select some files you might want to drop there, make a name, choose when you want it to expire (max. is one year), and then hit the huge Drop It button. In a few moments, your data is uploaded and… TADA! You have a drop!

A very good drop example is (I so totally put that in my own words) and this is because you can see that you can store notes, files, links, and much more in your drop. Heck, even the about page is a drop!

Your drop is as safe as you want it to be. If you give it away and post it on your website, then everyone knows it. But if you take the care and time to keep it secret, you can post all sorts of stuff (like your resume) there.

One great feature is the fact that if you get a drop that is “example”, then emailing will actually add a file to it!

Once you create an account, though, you will need to create an admin account unless you really are carefree.

Since the service doesn’t request your email, your name, etc. or anything, you can pretty much bet that this service is very safe. You can even set a password to your space (or drop).

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