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Vidoop: A Great Idea

October 9, 2007

Vidoop Today I saw this really cool website called MyVidoop. What MyVidoop visualizes is a password-free but secure web.

Vidoop aims to do this via a very clever idea that I think should be rewarded: you type in your OpenID site (which MyVidoop supplies)

You are then redirected to a page with a bunch of crazy pictures. But you know they are not crazy. Yes, you type in the code that is in the image and it lets you in.

A great idea! Try it out yourself at MyVidoop and let me know how it fares. It’s pretty cool. Just remember this: any name under four characters probably won’t work, even though it’ll say it’s available. It won’t. I know, I tried with “a”.

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  1. melissa permalink
    October 12, 2007 8:46 am

    I am a real estate agent and log onto about two dozen different sites when I am working. I started using the MyVidoop FireFox plug-in that let’s me store username and password for most of those sites. Because I work from different PC’s in my office, I can store the info online and have access from any PC I use. Yes, I have to request a code from MyVidoop when I use a new PC, but they have a feature where I can send a text message and they send me the code to activate the PC. I guess that is part of the security so it makes sense. At least its not a hassle. I love it?

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