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Site Review: InviteShare

September 25, 2007

There is this really cool website on the net. It’s called InviteShare.

InviteShare basically does something really simple: help you get invitations to beta-only sites.

Take for example Pownce. It’s a cool site, is it not? But it’s invite-only. What now?

Aha! You simple go and create an account at InviteShare. Then file a request for an invitation on the Pownce page. Quickly (well, usually), you will receive an invite.

InviteShare itself does not route the invites, however. It simply posts your email address online (in a image, of course, so no spambots) so other people can sign you up.

But you must be thinking that surely this system would not work? Surely nobody would want to send invites and everyone would only want to receive them?

Well, there is a reward system, too. The more invites you give away, the higher you are on the lists.

Take for example Ongo. I don’t know who he is, but right now he’s the guy with the most invites given away. He’s on top of every single list!

Cool, huh?

The site only supports about fifty sites right now, though. And some sites are really hard to get an invitation for, like and It’s because they don’t send out invitations very often.

You might want to try it out!

And thank goodness InviteShare doesn’t need an invite…

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