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WordPress 2.3

September 24, 2007

WordPress 2.3 is coming out. Really soon. Scrap that! WordPress 2.3 is OUT! WOOHOO!

Well, it was supposed to come out on September 24, 2007, but as to the code: It wasn’t ready.

As part of being an insider to WordPress, here is a little story.

Now, if you haven’t noticed (and if you did, that means you’ve been peeking at my source code a little too much), the main blog (my personal one, chaotic mortal) is now running WordPress 2.3.

Now, as of September 23, 2007, it’s running RC1. But that will change. Really soon. Well, as soon as WordPress 2.3 comes out.

Many of you know, WordPress 2.3’s most excited new feature is tags!

Yay! We have tags now! No more Ultimate Tag Warrior or something like that.

Or do we?

The last time I checked, WordPress’s coverage of tags was very basic. Sure, it’s got tag clouds, and all that good stuff, but Ultimate Tag Warrior has colored tags, plus a lot more of good stuff.

Now, a few days ago, my main blog was down. The reason was that I had preformed an upgrade to my blog. From 2.2.3 to 2.3.RC1.

Upon seeing that my blog was down (Pingdom reminded me too) I totally panicked.

I posted a support question on the WordPress Codex.

Within minutes, lead developer Mark Jaquith came and asked me what was wrong. After detailing a long time, I gave him my FTP password and he took quite a while to fix it.

But he did fix it.

So now, on my main blog, I’m displaying a very prominent thank-you message to him.

What the problem was: WordPress’s new canonical edits.

It turned out that WordPress asked for index.php, and my server returned index.php/ and WordPress asked for index.php/index.php and the server returned index.php/index.php/ and WordPress asked for index.php/index.php/index.php and so on.

At least, that’s what I think happened.

So let’s all give a big thank-you to Mark Jaquith.

P.S. If you think everything above is a big lie, see the actual support string where DD32, MarkJaquith, and others commented.

If you’d like to try it out, here is a direct link to download RC1.

Oh yeah. Last thing. chaotic tech is NOT running 2.3. It’s chaotic mortal that is.

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