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Microsoft Tafiti: First Shot at Silverlight

August 24, 2007

Allow me to introduce you to Tafiti. An online search powered by Microsoft Silverlight (somewhat a competitor to Flash).


The first time I came across it, it prompted me to download Silverlight. I remembered this was because I uninstalled it because I had thought it was useless. Tafiti was Silverlight’s first use, then.

I searched for “google”. I know this isn’t the best thing to search, but, hey, it did give me some results. This, in fact. The above image.

tafiti-labeling The section on the right is the “clipboard” where you can drag the things you want to see to there. You can label it, too.

I have an image of it as I hovered my mouse over the first one. You can see that it prompts you for a label.

This is a nice feature, but I don’t know if it is extremely useful. I can imagine it is used for saving pages just like a real clipboard does, but do people really want to put what they want to look for to the side when they want to look at it now?

tafiti-switcherAnyway, the next thing of interest is the switcher. You can choose what you want to look for (images, books, web, feeds, or news) by clicking on it.

When you do, the screen will respectively change to match the content you are viewing for.


So here it is, I clicked on Images and searched for “Van Gogh” by typing it onto the notebook paper on the left.

tafiti-tree The last interesting feature is the tree view. As you can see from the image on the left, it is the small tree on the top.

When you click on the tree on the top, suddenly your screen becomes dark. You see a tree with search listings on it.

On the bottom there is a slider. Dragging it to the left, you will see supposedly more accurate results, while the right just shows you more things.

I’d say this is a so-so feature, although it does look beautiful. You can spin the tree and do all sorts of things. But why do people want to look at a tree? I don’t know if this will become a hitter feature.


Here it is, the tree view. The two buttons at the top? The one on the left takes you back to the search results. The button on the right takes you to full screen mode. When in full screen mode, the button on the left returns you to not-so-big screen mode.

Well, I hope you liked my overview of Microsoft’s Tafiti feature. Stay tuned for more!


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